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ClickFunnels 2.0 – Guides

Build A High-Quality Email List

Obtain permissions

No matter the nature of your business, or if it’s only for promotional purposes, it is important to obtain permission from your customers to receive your emails.

All businesses are expected to obtain permission from the subscribers before sending any emails. You can ask for permissions by adding a checkbox, an opt-in form, or a double-opt-in feature.

Use double opt-in

It is a good practice to use a double-opt-in feature. This means that once your subscriber provides their email address, they will receive an email to confirm they want to belong to your lists and receive your emails. If the subscriber doesn’t confirm, they won’t be added to the list.

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Segment your list

As we know, not all subscribers have the same characteristics, so it is important to segment your contacts using different lists. You can segment your subscribers according to their age, location, occupation, etc. That way, you can target your audience in a more effective way.

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Additional Resources

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